Digital Fluency

As stated on the ‘Core Education’ website, a blog post by Karen Spencer  “Fluency derives from the word ‘flow’, and when we think about being ‘fluent’ in any context, it refers to being flexible, accurate, efficient and appropriate”. 

I believe digital fluency consists of being able to understand the technologies used in a digital environment. This also includes intellectual competencies such as being able to read, write and create while applying technical skills.

As an educator, you will need to be fluent in all aspects of the digital world, as you will be needing to demonstrate the skills of using digital technologies to students.

I believe this day in age, students have a clear understanding of the digital world through social networking, they grow with digital technology around them at home and at school. Students today are efficient in using digital technology as are educators. We rely on the digital world to get through every day.




Website – (K Spencer) – accessed on 27/02/2017


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